I will publish some piano improvisations done by myself alongside with recordings of pieces from different musical epochs done at my home organ (there will be some J.S.Bach, Reger, Karg-Elert and also contemporary organ music).

Organ recordings

Above you can see an old picture of my home organ - the sound is generated by virtual organ models (similar to sample-based VSTi instruments, but much more sophisticated in terms of compute power and, of course, musical quality)


J. F. Dandrieu - Magnificat, 2ème Suite

J. S. Bach - "Air" aus der Orchestersuite Nr. 3 in D-Dur BWV 1068 (arr. G. Phillips)

Domenico Zipoli - Pastorale

Late Romantic

Sigfrid Karg-Elert - Machs mit mir, Gott (op. 78, XIII.)


Carson Cooman - Diptych (2012) - I. Aria Serena

Noel Rawsthorne - We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Sheet music

I sometimes recreate arrangements for acompanying the congregation at church when I practise for an upcoming mass and notice that the arrangement from the organ book either needs improving or transposing for more relaxed playing. :-)

Gotteslob Nr. 815 - Sag ja zu mir, wenn alles nein sagt - eigener Satz, transponiert nach h-Moll

I will add more music soon


My name is Flora Feldner and I am currently studying Audio, Acoustics and Electronics Engineering (Tontechnik) at the University of Performing Arts Graz and the Graz University of Technology. I have received my BSc degree in Information and Computer Engineering from the latter university in 2018.

I have decided to create a private web page for myself, where I can share both university and private material, such as personal projects, the music I create in my spare time, and, of course, some recipes I improved or came up with.