This page, university stuff, will contain material to some courses and lectures that I have completed (answered exam questions, homework solutions, etc.)

I will add all homework sheets from the LV Differentialgleichungen over the summer holidays. Expect the site to be expanded in the future.

Control Systems 1

Angabe und Ausarbeitung der Prüfung vom 27. März 2015

Messtechnik LU

below you find my laboratory protocols - all complete & graded with 'Sehr Gut'



ADU & Frequenzmessung

Rechnerunterstützte Erfassung und Analyse von Messdaten

The Messtechnik-Skriptum, divided into 5 parts:
Chapters 1 & 2 (Einführung, Messabweichungen)
Chapter 3 (Messbrücken)
Chapter 4 (Messverstärker)
Chapter 5 (ADU)
Chapter 6 (REAM)

GET - Laborprotokolle

Übung 1 - 20P.

Übung 7 - 20P.

Grundlagen der Informatik

While preparing for the final exam, I went through all exam questions gathered at the PBS, eliminated the duplicates, grouped them into categories, and compiled them in this little pdf: GDI-Fragen aller Tests.pdf

I have also answered some questions on this list, which may be found here: GDI-Ausarbeitung des 1. Tests.pdf


My name is Flora Feldner and I am currently studying Audio, Acoustics and Electronics Engineering (Tontechnik) at the University of Performing Arts Graz and the Graz University of Technology. I have received my BSc degree in Information and Computer Engineering from the latter university in 2018.

I have decided to create a private web page for myself, where I can share both university and private material, such as personal projects, the music I create in my spare time, and, of course, some recipes I improved or came up with.