Here I will talk about recipes that I have received, found, or (re)created in my kitchen.

After a longer pause, I have found time to (re)create my approach to a typical eastern european dish: the Borschtsch! And it was just in time for my father's birthday too. Without further ado, find below two versions of the recipe and instructions - one with images and one without, just the important bits. =)

russian-ukrainian Borschtsch (with photographs) - click here (german)

version 2 -- the same recipe, text only
English version is -here-

Summer has finally come, and the last exams are over. Time for more experiments in the kitchen with fresh seasonal ingredients.
I advice everyone to grow some basic herbs such as basil, oregano and rosemary, perhaps even thyme at home - a small balcony is already sufficient, and you have fresh herbs at hand all the time. ;-)

First result: a classical tomato sugo, which can also be prepared in larger batches and then frozen for later use.
Floras sommerliches Tomatensugo

This recipe is a new personal favourite of mine: I have never come across store-bought muffins that would come close to these ;-)


The next one is a traditional Italian dish from the region of Tuscany, which is very practical from a student's point of view, as it can be cooked in large portions and then refrigerated for later use.

Stracotto al Chianti - PDF recipe
updated, more elaborate German version of the Stracotto recipe

Apart from cooking savoury dishes, I love to bake muffins, pies and cakes. Mother's day is approaching fast, and this year, I decided to prepare a typical French dessert, a tarte au citron meringuée. ;-)

Tarte au citron meringuée - PDF recipe

old v1 here


My name is Flora Feldner and I am currently studying Audio, Acoustics and Electronics Engineering (Tontechnik) at the University of Performing Arts Graz and the Graz University of Technology. I have received my BSc degree in Information and Computer Engineering from the latter university in 2018.

I have decided to create a private web page for myself, where I can share both university and private material, such as personal projects, the music I create in my spare time, and, of course, some recipes I improved or came up with.